plain inflatables

- On the ground -

In the Inflatable Park area, you ‘ll discover many different structures suitable to all ages: Castle, Soft Mountain, Jungle Park, Inflatable Rodeo, Great Descent, Bungee Jumping ….. as well as many others.



Age limits are indicated on each structure

Children under 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Please note that on very hot days and to avoid any risk of burns, we recommend that you use the playground early in the morning or in the evening. Please check that the structures are not hot before using them and keep your socks on.

Not recommended for:

Not recommended and even to prohibited to expectant women, people with back problems, people with a plaster cast or splints.


  • Children under 18
    must be supervised
    by an adult

Strongly discouraged

  • Expectant
  • People
    with back problems
  • People with
    a plaster cast or splints