Here is a selection of useful tips and services to help you prepare your visit to Parc
de Pierre-Brune.


facilities and services

  • toilets
  • Toilets:
    Several toilet blocks are located throughout the park. They are also suitable for people with reduced mobility.

  • baby
    changing table
  • Baby-changing table:
    The Parc de Pierre-Brune provides changing tables in all the park's toilets.

  • micro-wave
  • Micro-waves:
    Mico-waves are available at the various food outlets in the park: Café de la Grotte, Snack-Bar Panoramique. If you wish to heat up your baby food, please ask the bar/cafe staff for help.

  • high
  • High chairs:
    For additional comfort, our food outlets are equipped with child-friendly furniture.

  • picnic
  • Picnic areas:
    If you want to have a bite to eat, there is a free picnic area, either under cover or in the shade, just outside the park entrance, and at the Café de la Grotte. However, picnics are not allowed inside the park.

  • mobile phone
    and wi-fi
  • Mobile network and Wi-fi:
    The Parc de Pierre-Brune is located in a so-called "white zone" and consequently does not have a reliable connection to the different mobile networks. We recommend that you download all the necessary documents (itineraries, brochures, etc) in advance.
    At the moment, we do not propose Wi-fi access to our visitors. However, we can guarantee you a much better connection with nature !



Pre-booking: It is not necessary to book in advance, we have enough space to safely accommodate all our visitors. We are more than happy to welcome you at any time !

Wearing masks: Wearing a mask is still recommended while on site and inside all the buildings.

For groups: For groups with children, we recommend that they are divided into small groups (no more than 10 people). This will help to simplify the problem of physical distancing.


Accessibility and disability

The Parc de Pierre-Brune is situated in an undulating landscape. Some of the paths have steep slopes and access to various activities can sometimes be difficult for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

Being aware of the importance of accessibility for all our visitors, every year we work to improve our paths in order to make them as accessible as possible to people with reduced mobility.

Special rates

We offer special rates for people with disabilities, upon the presentation of supporting documents. To benefit from these rates, please inform us when you arrive at the park entrance.


Accompanying minors

Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult or they will be refused access to the park. A minor will not be allowed to exit the park if they are not accompanied by a responsible adult.


Entrance and exit of the park

Entry and exit to the park is free. Once you leave, you can re-enter the park at any time during the day without having to re-pay the entrance fee. You will be able to return to your vehicle whenever you wish.


For hygiene and safety reasons, pets are not permitted inside the park.


Security at the Parc de Pierre-Brune

The Parc de Pierre-Brune works with the relevant authorities to ensure that all the required measures of prevention and surveillance are in place to guarantee the safety of our visitors. The attractions are rigorously checked each year by an external organisation. In order to maintain safety and security, a daily inspection is carried out by our technical staff during the entire opening period
Our team members are regularly trained in emergency procedures. Our summer staff is composed of people who have some knowledge of first aid care. If necessary, we finance SST (Sauveteurs Secouristes du Travail - First aiders at work FAW ) training courses for certain members of our seasonal staff.

We are also in regular contact with the Gendarmerie Nationale to ensure the permanent support of the authorities if necessary.

Visitors to the Parc de Pierre-Brune can count on our staff to ensure that their day is a memorable one.


Rules and regulations
for Parc de Pierre-Brune

Find out more about the Park's rules click HERE.

General terms and conditions

To view and download of the General service conditions of the Parc de Pierre-Brune, simply click HERE.


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The Le Parc de Pierre-Brune on rainy days

Whatever the weather, the Parc de Pierre-Brune opens its doors, according to the days and times indicated on its annual calendar. In the event of rain, only the Giant Slide is suspended for obvious safety reasons. Of course, even in the rain, it is possible to have fun ! Why not take advantage of this, for example, and take a ride on the Little Train ? It's also an opportunity to discover the covered activities available under the Big Top !

The Parc in hot weather

On very hot days, it is recommended to use the inflatables either in the morning or at the end of the day to avoid any risk of getting burnt on them. We recommend that you do not use the playground in the middle of the day, especially on the structures exposed to the sun.

It is necessary to take the usual precautions in the sun (sun cream, a hat, water spray, etc). Fortunately, our visitors can enjoy the many shaded areas that the forest provides. The river is also a great way for keeping cool and out of the heat. Cool water fountains are also available to our visitors and are located throughout the park.

Lost property

Lost property

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write to us providing :
A description of the object
The date and place where the item was lost
Your contact details (address, e-mail and telephone)


Customer satisfaction survey

Your comments and suggestions are very important to us !
As part of our efforts to progress and improve, the Parc de Pierre-Brune is keen to understand its visitors and their expectations better.

Please take a moment to share your experience with us HERE

This questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes. Thank you for your help !

Customer questionnaires are also available on request at the Park's ticket booths.